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1 gladiator.al (Net Media - +383 44 124 640)
2 Albanian Busses (Leke Dukagjini - info@email.com)
3 First ACME (Jack Burros - 069 111 xxx)
4 Online Telecom (Hajdar Dushi - 044 xxx yyy)
5 Web TC (John Muehller - State Road 5-22/y)
6 World Business (John Doe - 044 xxx 222)


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What is gladiator.al

gladiator.al is a unique geolocation online database. Through gladiator.al you can connect your offline GPS devices and track their activity.

gladiator.al is universal and available for everyone.

About us

We are a group of ambitious young people with a goal to assist others in all their geolocation needs.

Our name is our belief!

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